Acoso.Online: Technologies to Combat Non-Consensual Pornography

Organizacion: Acoso Online
Tipo de Organización: Civil Society
Año: 2018
Tipo de proyecto: Scale-Up
Países: Chile

Acoso.Online is the first Latin American website for victims of non-consensual pornography. It provides straightforward guidelines on how to deal with the platforms involved, as well as with the legal, judicial, organizational and security challenges related to this type of violence against women and LGBTQI individuals.

In June 2017, Acoso.Online was the first website launched in Latin America geared towards victims of non-consensual online pornography, offering recommendations based on five aspects that cut across politics, society and technology, with a strong feminist emphasis in its approach.

The initiative is based on a web application that offers a digital security strategy to prevent and reduce cyber-attacks and protect the information sent over the website. The tool focuses on the women who are its end users (victims) and seeks not only to provide support, but also to persuade these women not to abandon spaces for the realization of human, social and cultural rights such as the Internet.

The scale-up proposal consists of improving the technological component of the website and furthering the project in general to reach more victims throughout Latin America and the Caribbean in a more efficient manner. Specifically, the initiative seeks to:

  1. Develop new technical tools that recognize victims’ need for personal and confidential communication. Design and program an encrypted chatbot, working together with experts from La Robota, to provide guidance through various platforms, including the Acoso.Online website. This will allow one-to-one communication in Spanish and Portuguese, using a smart interactive format.
  2. Analyze and explore tools to facilitate the reporting of images and videos on different platforms as well as hashing tools in conjunction with other organizations that are part of the technology industry.