Schools Internet of Things (IoT) Weather Monitoring Stations

Tipo de Organización: Government
Año: 2017
Tipo de proyecto: Grant
Países: Dominica

This IoT project involves the building a weather stations in local schools in Dominica and developing a web platform where meteorological data will be posted to and made free available.

Every school in Dominica receives Internet connectivity and most schools have an Internet lab. However, very little technological development results from the use of the lab and most school programs are focused on learning basic digital skills.

Additionally, Dominica is regularly exposed to natural disasters which make disaster management and climate change action essential to the development of this Caribbean island state.

This project aims to reduce the barriers for the adoption of technology in a small island developing state and to expose students and teachers to the benefits of the Internet on a national level.

The hardware required will include rasberry pi boards, arduino, adafruit data logging shield, reed switches, rasberry pi cameras, photoresitors and hall, temperature, humidity and pressure sensors. The software will be developed by leveraging open source solutions already available and would require developing knowledge in python, php, and web server technology as well as other Internet protocols. The software will allow for the recording of data locally and posting to the school’s website and also to a common website.

The system will be built by students and teachers, with the support of local technical volunteers. The process should also inspire and motivate them to continue the building process and seek out other IoT to work on.