Community Networks as a Social Program

Organizacion: Asociación Colnodo
Tipo de Organización: Civil Society
Año: 2018
Tipo de proyecto: Grant
Países: Colombia

Colnodo provides communications services to Colombian and regional organizations to facilitate the sharing of information and experiences at the local, national and international levels using low-cost networks. Through its strategic programs, the organization has prioritized issues such as human rights, the improvement of conditions for women, governance, democracy and citizen participation, sustainable development, the democratization of knowledge, digital inclusion, and the strategic use of information and communication technologies for development.

They are currently working on the implementation of connectivity services through wireless mobile telephony and Internet networks in rural areas. They provide advice and support for the design, installation and maintenance of community networks and services, supporting the definition of strategies for their appropriation and sustainability.

With the support of the Frida Program, Colnodo seeks to:

  • Promote the development and approval of regulatory and programmatic proposals to strengthen the community network system in Colombia, considering, among others, the following aspects: social telecommunications programs, use of the spectrum, community operators, and spectrum sharing.
  • Specifying the process of implementing a community network in the rural area of ​​the municipality of Maní Casanare, using TVWS technology. The model of quality broadband connections in different communities will be evaluated, considering the sustainability and appropriation of the network with a focus on gender.

This initiative is also supported by Rhizomatica, the Association for Progressive Communications (APC) and the Internet Society, and it involves the active participation of the community.