Armonía: ICTs and Local Development from the Socio-Educational Perspective of Schools

Tipo de Organización: Academic Sector
Año: 2017
Tipo de proyecto: Award
Países: Cuba

The Armonía project creates digital education media in schools with the participation of the community, in order to contribute to local human development in rural communities.

The project was implemented in more than 20 communities in the Municipality of Segundo Frente, Santiago de Cuba Province. These communities rely mostly on agriculture, and primary schools and other higher-level education institutions are the only institutions that have the possibility of using ICTs.

The project worked on preparing an educational approach for integrating schools and their rural communities, mediated by an information technology culture. The goal of the project was to encourage the use of ICTs for local development, providing solutions to problems identified by the community and socialized among IT specialists, teachers/researchers and local residents.

Results included multimedia, websites and e-books on health, education, environment, local history, and other topics, that will hopefully contribute to human and professional development as well as to job opportunities for members of rural communities.

The Armonía project produced more than 190 digital education media items on various topics decided based on the needs and issues of the rural communities where the project was implemented. As part of the initiative, rural teachers conducted almost 200 scientific investigations in line with the project’s objectives as part of their Masters’ degree in education.