FRIDA Awards

FRIDA Awards seek to acknowledge innovative initiatives and practices that leverage information and communications technology to provide creative solutions for the region’s social and economic development.

FRIDA Grants

FRIDA Grants provide funding to support research projects and innovative initiatives that seek to explore the potential of information and communications technology for promoting the region’s social and economic development and Internet access.

FRIDA Scale-Ups

FRIDA Scale-Ups seek to strengthen social enterprises that have developed successful technological solutions by allowing them to gain scale.


FRIDA is the Regional Fund for Digital Innovation in Latin America and the Caribbean.  FRIDA is a LACNIC initiative that has been contributing to the development of the region’s information society since 2004. The program provides funding as well as capacity building and networking opportunities to civil society organizations, enterprises, governments and universities that articulate the potential of information and communications technology to contribute to regional development.

FRIDA is member of the Seed Alliance and has been funded with contributions from LACNIC, the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), Internet Society and the Sweedish Cooperation Agency (SIDA).


  • Community Networks have been depending since their inception on modifying existing off-the-shelf routers to adapt them to their particular needs. Software development originated in Community Network groups and the Free…

  • There are more than 300 informal settlements in the metropolitan area of ​​Guatemala. The goal of the Digital Mapping project is to design a methodology that can be used to…

  • This project provides a digital communication infrastructure for traditional communities in the isolated rural rainforest areas in Acre State, in the Amazon region of Brazil. This research is the continuation…

  • AgriNeTT is an e-Agriculture project which infuses ICT into the agriculture sector of Trinidad & Tobago to build a knowledge intensive agriculture economy. The project provides ICT tools for the…

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