Amazon Digital Radio Network using HF

Organizacion: State University of Sao Paulo
Tipo de Organización: Civil Society
Año: 2016
Tipo de proyecto: Grant
Países: Brasil

This project provides a digital communication infrastructure for traditional communities in the isolated rural rainforest areas in Acre State, in the Amazon region of Brazil. This research is the continuation of the Fonias Juruá academic research project where, in 2015, five High Frequency (HF) radio stations were installed inside the Alto Juruá Reserve, in communities without any communication infrastructure, sometimes taking more than one day by boat to reach the nearest phone. The project aims at expanding and improving the already existing radio network, testing and adapting the social technology that was previously developed, analog voice communication, based on the local community requirements and feedback. Each HF station will be equipped with a digital modem, connected to the radio, which will allow digital data exchange between the communities.