Mobile Lab for Developing STEM Skills Among Students and Graduates with a Degree in Childhood Education from Universidad del Magdalena

Tipo de Organización: Academic Sector
Año: 2018
Tipo de proyecto: Grant
Países: Colombia

GINFED, the Spanish acronym used to refer to the research group working on the use of computer technologies for education, is planning to create a STEM lab for training students and women who have obtained their bachelor’s degree in Childhood Education from Universidad del Magdalena on the use of robotics applications (Scratch Jr, Scratch, and MBlock). The goal of the initiative is for graduates to incorporate knowledge of a programming language into their pedagogical practices, thus enriching their teaching abilities and providing them with the ability to use technology to create their own educational resources.

A mobile lab will be created that will be taken to different kindergartens in the department of Magdalena (Colombia), allowing teachers to replicate the knowledge they acquire and contribute their experiences so that more girls will decide to pursue training in technology.

The program focuses on preschool education, leveraging the opportunities offered by tools such as Scratch to encourage the development of STEM skills and abilities in children by creating fun, educational and rewarding classroom activities.