Selection Committee

The FRIDA Selection Committee plays a key role in identifying projects for the three types of support offered by the program: FRIDA Awards, FRIDA Grants and FRIDA Scale-Ups. The committee is made up by five experts with complementary profiles that allow us to identify the most innovative initiatives in the fields of technical innovation for development and Internet access, social entrepreneurship, and the use of information technology for social purposes.

FRIDA would also like to thank and acknowledges the contributions from previous members of the selection committee: Jesús Martínez, Edmundo Vitale, Valeria Betancourt, Judith Mariscal, Enrique Peláez Jarrín, Fernando Beltrán, Fabio Marinho, José Soriano, Magaly Zúñiga, Teresa Silva, Vagner Diniz and Ida Holz.