2019 Call for Proposals: Announcement of Shortlisted Projects

The FRIDA program is pleased to announce the projects that have been shortlisted following the 2019 call for projects.

In this cycle, 490 project proposals were submitted to the FRIDA program seeking to obtain a FRIDA Award in the Community Networks category or a FRIDA Grant for their work on Technology and Gender.

FRIDA 2019 Call for Proposals now Open: Projects on Community Networks and Gender Equality

The Regional Fund for Digital Innovation in Latin America and the Caribbean (FRIDA) is opening its 2019 call for proposals to fund projects, with an emphasis on community networks and women-led initiatives that promote gender equality in technology.

The FRIDA call for opens on Monday 1st April and applicants will have time until Wednesday 15 May to submit an executive summary if their projects.

Community Networks Led by Women from Quilombolas and Marisqueiras Communities

Two community network projects led by indigenous women will bring the Internet to their communities in northeastern Brazil through an initiative funded by LACNIC’s FRIDA Program.

Both proposals were selected as the result of a call by Brazilian organization Artículo 19 to support communities in vulnerable areas so they can have access to the digital world.

A Platform against the Dissemination of Intimate Images

Acoso.Online is the first website in Latin America that addresses the non-consensual dissemination of intimate images. The initiative, originated in Chile, provides direct guidance for this type of violence against women and LGBTQI people.

Thanks to the FRIDA funding obtained as a result of the the 2018 call for projects,

Community Connectivity as an Alternative

Community networks have made Internet access a reality for thousands of Latin Americans living in areas considered economically and socially vulnerable. There, in locations that are not served by the major companies and their fiber and wireless equipment, these social projects have allowed many people to connect to the Internet and avoid being relegated in the online world.

Actors, Not Spectators: A Project to Promote the Participation of Women in Technology Careers in Uruguay

Determined to attempt to reverse a global trend, a group of professors of the School of Engineering of the University of the Republic of Uruguay decided to create a project to encourage women’s participation in technology careers, particularly to pursue degrees related to the world of ICTs.

The project “Promoting Careers in ICT Among Teenagers in Uruguay” was born out of this impulse.

SIVIPCAN: The Software which Helps Prevent Cancer

The Movicancer Foundation, a Nicaraguan organization supported by LACNIC’s FRIDA program in 2014, has managed to go beyond its borders thanks to the SIVIPCAN system, a software which collaborates with cancer prevention.

Due to its extraordinary results, the program has been selected by the Network of National Cancer Institutes and Institutions of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) for its implementation in at least eight countries of the Southern Cone and four of Central America.

2018 Call for Projects: Announcement of Shortlisted Projects

The FRIDA program is pleased to announce the projects that have been shortlisted following the 2018 call for projects.

This time, a total of 417 submissions were submitted to the Awards and Grants categories in the two areas of focus: community networks, and technologies and gender.

These are the shortlisted projects: