FRIDA Profile

FRIDA aims at supporting organizations and research teams seeking to provide solutions to development problems in the region through the use of digital tools and the promotion on Internet access. To date, FRIDA has supported 112 projects throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, having provided 73 Grants, 35 Awards and 4 Scale-Ups, the most recent form of support provided by the program.

FRIDA accepts applications from a wide range of actors, including civil society organizations, public and private academic institutions, governments, and private enterprises. In its first 10 years of operation, the FRIDA program has seen great participation, mostly from civil society and academia, the two sectors which have accounted for the largest number of projects.

We invite you to get to know the FRIDA profile through the following award-winning documentaries by FRIDA Grants and Awards recipients:

1. 2015 FRIDA Award. Quintana Libre: Digital Community Network. Asociación Civil AlterMundi. Argentina.

2. 2014 Scale-Up. ICT for Improving Community Water Management in Rural Populations with High Levels of Poverty. ONGAWA and La Cuculmeca Foundation for Education and Communication. Peru and Nicaragua.

3. 2014 Grant: Home TeleMAP. Universidad de Antioquia. Colombia.

4. 2014 Grant. Using the Graphogame Videogame for Leveling Pre-Reading Competences in Vulnerable First-Year Students. AraucaníAprende. Chile.

5. 2014 Grant. Accelerating and Expanding SIVIPCAN Version 4.0 in Nicaragua. Movicancer Foundation. Nicaragua.

6. 2014 Award. TifloLibros. Asociación Civil Tiflonexos. Argentina.

7. 2013 Award. Virtual Videobooks in Argentine Sign Language. Canales Asociación Civil. Argentina.

8. 2012 Grant. Implementing Healthcare Services over the Internet in the Village of Las Coloradas on Tasajera island. Conexión al Desarrollo. El Salvador.