Jesús Martínez Alfonso

Jesús Martínez Alfonso

M. Sc., Automated Systems Engineer by the L’vov Politechnical Institute, Ukraine. In 1981 he worked at the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment, where he headed the project for connecting Cuba to the Internet.

During the course of his professional career he has participated as a presenter, panelist and delegate in multiple national and international events in the field of Networks, Connectivity and Architecture.

He headed the project for the creation of CUBA-NIC, the Cuban Network Information Center. He worked at ETECSA —the Cuban Communications Company— for five years, where he participated in the organization of the ISP and web portals including

In November 2003, he was elected to LACNIC’s Board of Directors, a position he held until 2006. He has participated in various ICANN conferences and multiple LACNIC meetings.

In 2003, he created the Cuban IPv6 Task Force together with other renowned specialists. Since then, he has lectured and participated in workshops and round tables in Cuba and other countries of the region.

Jesús Martínez Alfonso is currently director of TransNet Global Network and works to ensure network management for open networks and the Internet. He implements and serves as advisor to data center and complex structure projects for cloud computing solutions, develops projects for transitioning from IPv4 to IPv6, and works on the domain name system (DNS). He also organizes, manages, supervises and evaluates the organizations’ activities in terms of software, telecommunication networks and information systems development, deployment, operation and management. In addition, he teaches online Project Management courses.

Since 2011, Jesús Martínez Alfonso is strongly involved with LACNIC’s FRIDA program, where he is part of the FRIDA Awards Judging Panel and serves as instructor for their Training Workshops.

In addition, he offers consultancy services in the field of ICTs and evaluates projects addressing topics within the field. He is also Juror and founder of the Lifetime Achievement Award presented by LACNIC to the region’s Internet leaders for their outstanding careers.