FRIDA Awards

The FRIDA Awards seek to acknowledge innovative initiatives and practices that leverage information and communications technology to provide creative solutions for the region’s social and economic development.

Winning initiatives must meet three main requirements. All project proposals must have a technological component through which they seek to solve development issues. Proposed solutions must be innovative, i.e., they must present new strategies, notions, ideas, methods and processes that respond to social needs and which can broaden and strengthen communities. Finally, successful initiatives must have a proven impact, i.e., they must submit indicators and evidence that support the creation of value for the target communities.

All proposals must be in line with FRIDA’s areas of focus or thematic categories:

  1. Internet development. Innovative solutions for developing an open, stable and secure Internet, including topics such as access, infrastructure, the Internet of Things, IPv6, cybersecurity, open standards and Internet governance. Read more about this category.
  2. Internet and technologies for participation. Digital solutions for social inclusion, the strengthening of democracy, and the exercise of freedoms and liberties. Read more about this category.
  3. Internet and technologies for the good of the communities. Digital solutions in healthcare, education, economy, industry, environment, agriculture and other areas that contribute to the socio-economic development of various communities. Read more about this category.
Call for Proposals 2017

Two winners will be selected through this 2017 call for proposals. For the first Award, the FRIDA Program will accept proposals in line with its three areas of focus: Internet Development, Internet and Participation, and Technologies and Community. On the other hand, the second Award will be for women-led projects that promote gender equality through technology. To learn more about the FRIDA Award for Women in Technology, click here.

The FRIDA Awards are presented to ongoing initiatives or completed projects that submit concrete evidence of their impact. This means that projects pending execution or which are about to begin will not be accepted.

The FRIDA Award consists of a USD 5,000 cash prize plus full travel and accommodation for one representative of each organization to attend the awards ceremony, which will be held at Internet Governance Forum in Geneva, Switzerland on December 18-21.

Before submitting your proposal, we invite you to read our frequently asked questions. If you have any further questions, please contact the program officer at

Click here to submit your project through the FRIDA Application Platform: Note: Proposals will be accepted until 23:59 hrs. Uruguay time (UTC-3).

Key Dates

To facilitate the application process, the 2017 call for proposals will be divided into two stages. In the first stage, applicants must submit a summary of their project the FRIDA Application Platform. Only shortlisted projects will move on to the second stage during which the submission of a more extensive proposal will be required.

Note on July 10, 2017: The dates of the process have been updated as follows.

  • Call for project proposals opens: Wednesday 10 May 2017
  • Final deadline for submitting project proposals: Friday 23 June 2017, 23:59 hr (UTC-3).
  • Shortlisting: Monday 26 June – Wednesday 12 July 2017
  • Submission of detailed proposals for shortlisted projects: Thursday 13 July – Friday 28 July 2017
  • Final selection process: Monday 31 July – Friday 25 August 2017
  • Announcement of results: Wednesday 30 August 2017